How Traveling to Paris Changed My Life

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Friday, we meet again! It’s been one heck of a week, and I’ve been having the blues being stuck at work, between watching Norwegian Cruise Line’s beach fun story, and Flutter Mag’s Paris trip story on Instagram, you can understand why I want to bang my head against my desk! That’s why I wanted to travel back to a time when I visited what seemed like the most magical place to me.

Everybody has that one place. The one place in the world that you’ve been to, and you have fallen in love with. A place that gives you feelings of bliss and jubilance that no other place can give. For me, that place is Paris, France. Not everyone knows that I have been there, but I have, and I will never be the same.

It’s a trip I remember as if it happened yesterday. I was 15 years old. My uncle traveled to Paris every year. It was his most desired place in the world, and with good reason. I would soon understand why. Usually he’d take along a friend, as my aunt never had an interest in going, which was surprising to me. But this one specific year he decided to take me. I, of course, said yes, and off we went! We embarked on an adventure that I would never forget.

Let’s begin with my first flight, which turned out to be an adventure in itself. I spent that 8 hours reading all about the city, and watching movies, and thinking about what we’d be doing when we arrive. As the flight came to an end, and first class started exiting, I noticed a familiar face. Continuing on to enter the airport, I noticed a bunch of screaming girls. That familiar face I had noticed earlier was Carson Daly, the once well-known MTV host of TRL. I was 15 guys, don’t judge. I had to have my picture taken with him.

From the airport, we had a short drive to the city. I remember stepping off the bus, turning to see the Arc De Triumph, and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t realize how big it really is.”

arc de triopmh

The hotel on Rue De Bac, was quaint, but impressive to me, a 15 year old who got her own room! One side had a view of the street, overlooking all the little shops. The back view looked right into a modeling studio. I actually got to watch real French models practice walking on a catwalk, in the most beautiful outfits. At the time, being a fashion fanatic, dreaming of being a model myself, this meant everything.

The next few days were full of delicious meals, and lots of sight seeing, explorations at The Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course, The Eiffel Tower. You’d never ever imagine its immense size, until you stand underneath this massive beauty!

Our trip to The Louvre, I remember, was cut short, due to the horrid onset of jet lag that knocked me on my butt. But I at least got to see most of the incredible art, including Mona Lisa, which is actually quiet small, mounted on her own wall. But still beautiful.

The next day would prove to be the biggest “adventure” of all. We were robbed. Yup, pick-pocketed. The thief took my passport, our traveler’s checks, and my uncle’s wallet. This put a bit of a damper on our trip for a couple days, leaving us to eat mostly baguettes and water for the next couple days (small exaggeration, but you get the idea), and included an extra special trip to the Embassy. Of course, I couldn’t go inside with my uncle, because my passport was stolen. So I was left to wait on the street, which to a 15 year old, in a foreign city, was a bit scary. But everything got straightened out, and we got most of the traveler’s checks reimbursed. Yay! The fun could continue.

We visited a very beautiful church that sits atop a hill, overlooking the city, and The Eiffel Tower. There was an art festival nearby, full of artists selling their immaculate work. Some sitting right there, painting their next masterpiece. I was in awe. Pure beauty.

My eyes were opened to so much culture, art, life, and love on this trip. And I’d never forget it. I was in love. Paris had stolen my heart, and I can’t wait to plan my next trip to visit the piece of it that was left there.

Traveling opens your mind and soul to so much. I challenge everyone to explore outside of what you know. It’s amazing the things you will find.

Now, can one of you lovely brides PLEASE let me plan your wedding there?! 😉 And with that, enjoy your weekends!!

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