Fruitful Friendships Summer Meetup!!!

Photo by @LaraCasey Click to purchase workbook!

Loving others is something that usually comes natural to me, but I also have a way to go towards having more meaningful, Fruitful Friendships. Tending is something we should not only do to our fruit in our gardens, but also to our friendships. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce I will be starting a Fruitful Friendships Summer Meetup, thanks to Lara Casey and her workbook that goes along with this! 

If you are craving real friendships, this is for you!

If you want to experience a more meaningful, fruitful summer with your friends, this is for you!

If you want a fun place to go and enjoy making fun memories, this is for YOU! 

So this series will be starting May 31st. You’ll want to make sure to grab your workbook from Lara beforehand. If you are not near my area, I would challenge you to follow along with Lara, as she goes trough the workbook with her live series! If you are near me, please email, comment, message me any way you can do I can add you to my list!!

I’m excited to grow with you all, whether you’re new friends, old friends, I know this will be a fun way to make our friendship more FRUITFUL & FUN!!! 

Happy Friday and may you all have a blessed weekend!


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