Happy Sunday all!!

Goodness, it has been a busy weekend: graduation party, visit to the Water Street Market, in New Paltz, NY, and lots of errands and prepping for the week ahead. I love Sundays, even when they are busy. It’s usually a fun busy. There’s nothing like waking up late, going for coffee and brunch at a cute café, and prepping yourself for success for the coming week. It’s like a reset, and refresh to start new.

waterstreet1waterstreet 2

You are probably wanting to hear what the EXCITING news is, am I right?!

Well, here goes…..

I have been putting together some details for a few exciting projects, (in the very beginning stages) and I can’t help but share the details about one in particular that I am extra excited about. I am working on launching my very own monthly subscription box!! YES!!! You will have a couple different subscription options, and it’s not going to break the bank, I promise. What’s this all about? I’m glad you asked. The pretty pink box (would you expect me to choose any other color?) will be bursting with items from amazing brands, like health and wellness, beauty, and hand-lettered creations. The goal is to motivate and inspire all women to live their best lives and be the best version of themselves. I love inspiring others, and there’s just something so beautiful and powerful about women inspiring other women. I, myself, struggled with losing my motivation after my mom passed away, and even at times before that. Having some health situations going on, causing me to feel not like myself, I stopped working out, started eating bad again, and have been increasingly starting to hate the way I look. But over the past week, I have fought to gain my mojo back, and I finally got it! You don’t need to spend hundreds on products to be healthy, it just takes little changes, and lots of inspiration. That is my goal for this box.

I am excited to launch this for you all, and if you want to be the first to know when it launches, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter! I am setting up a beta tester team with some of my lovely gal pals, and if you’d like to get on this list, you better email me ASAP!

Here’s to a new week, and I hope you all have a great one!



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