Saturday Catch-Up w/ CoCo

Sat Catch up 012018

Hi, hello there! Happy Saturday Friends.

Welcome to a new series I’d like to call “Saturday Catch-Up w/ CoCo“, with your host, me, CoCo. As I sit here planning out the year ahead, I am filled with so many thoughts of things I’d like to accomplish. Let’s talk about my word for 2018. My word of the year is INTENTION, (to aim or plan), for a reason. I want this to be the year I implement all the things I’ve been learning and working on. I want this to be there year that I am not afraid to go for it. No holding back. As an introvert, it’s my natural reaction to say ‘yes’ in the moment and then kick myself in the butt later for doing so, and start planning a way to get out of what I just said yes to. But this year, I want to work on not being afraid to say no, but if I say ‘yes’, I want to really focus on being all in.

Do you ever find yourself having so many ideas, so many things you want to do? You feel so motivated and driven, it’s exciting! Then, when you sit down at your computer or with a notebook to attempt creating a plan to put those ideas into action, your brain goes blank. You can’t focus or seem to get them out of your brain, and onto paper. It’s how I have felt for a year. But this year, all the amazing things in my head, are coming out!

I want to have a purpose and goal for this blog. The content I’m planning and scheduling with be meaningful and helpful to you, as a bride, as a fellow creative or wedding pro, or as someone who just loves weddings! But I need your help for that to happen! I need you to tell me WHAT motivates you, inspires you, what you want to read about. Do you love content on Instagram with a great caption post? Do you want more video content? Do you love behind the scenes of my day, or seeing me in action at a real wedding? TELL ME! I’d really love to know. This is the year of EBC and making it everything you want, and need it to be.

So, that’s what we are up to today! Until next Saturday….

XO coco

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