Take Back Your Time {With Honeybook}

Are you spending countless hours creating proposals, making invoices (or paying them), and doing routine tasks that can simply be automated? If you are saying YES to any of those things, I think I have a one-stop-shop solution for you.

Honeybook. That one word will change everything for you! Honeybook is a software that will help you simplify your business. Through the program, you can manage projects, submit proposals, pay invoices, and more. It is SUPER easy and will seriously help you automate those little details in your business so that you can focus on creating and dreaming!

5 Ways To Save Time In Your Business

(Because Honeybook will save you TONS of time!)

  1. Add a contact form to your website so all leads come through Honeybook, keeping everything under one roof.  This feature is a LIFESAVER and TIME SAVER, for sure! Not only does it simplify the process for your clients, but for you too. Just knowing that you only have to go to one location to find everything already saves you time!
  2.  Set up Honeybook to your bank account for auto payments making the process a seamless one for you and your clients. Banking can be SO annoying, right? I mean, no one likes to deal with the process of invoices. This handy tool will help simplify the entire process and save you a ton of time!
  3. Send onboarding documents (welcome packet, inspiration guide, etc.) to Honeybook and they will upload them for you!Instead of sending over a million documents and packets for your clients, you can set up an automatic process through Honeybook. They will handle it all for you so you can focus on continuing to build your client list instead of managing documentation.
  4. If you charge by the hour, you can track your time (just like clocking in and out for a job). You can also do this for projects! Tracking hours is such a weight to carry! And it can be tough to balance that with the growth of your business and project list. But Honeybook helps simplify that, saving you time, so that you can track your hours with efficiency and accuracy.
  5. Add your clients and team members so they can access the project and keep everyone in the loop of where the process is!One of the best features Honeybook offers is the ability to work as a team on projects. You can track progress, share documents, and more! It truly helps simplify your communication, saving you time on a million back and forth emails about a project.

When I started my business, I self-taught myself a lot. But I wish I knew the difference in having a set system in place for clients from the start would make on my business. In all honesty, I wasn’t consistent and Honeybook has changed that for me. I now truly feel confident in my system and it reflects in my client’s view as well. I’ve already gotten multiple comments about how professional and seamless I make it for them! Thank you to Honeybook! Let’s help you get that professionalism and consistency, and confidence in your business systems too!

I want you to experience this same freedom! I want you to uplevel your business and automate things that don’t need to take up your time. And because I am passionate about seeing this happen for YOU, I am partnering with Honeybook to offer you 50% off their program. Just click HERE to enroll. You won’t regret this, I promise! Sign up today!

5 Apps the Techy Bride/Groom NEED

We all know that technology has come a long way, and planning a wedding can be EXTREMELY virtual. I’ve noticed a lot of millennial brides prefer it as much as possible.

If you are one of those techy brides (or grooms, sorry guys) who is an app lover, then keep reading….

There are lots of apps we love as planners, that will help you stay organized during the planning process, and I am happy to share them.




5 Spring Desserts Your Guests Will LOVE, and so will you!

It couldn’t give me more happiness to say that SPRING IS (finally) upon us! If you feel the Winter blues this year as much as I do, than this statement resonates with you, to the absolute fullest.

With that, means ALL the Spring wedding posts to follow. And what’s best to kick it off than with DESSERT?!

We’ve gone through a LOT of wedding cakes in our history, but these Spring inspired desserts will leave your guests smiling, and wanting more!


Spring Inspired Wedding Trends We LOVE

In lieu of the Spring themed posts, we are continuing with our 5 favorite Spring wedding trends!

  1. With Spring, it’s all about the flowers and what’s better than floral pieces? Hanging florals! This trend keeps the table open and allows the guests to interact better without huge centerpieces in between them, and gives the wedding a gorgeous, unique vibe your guests will love. The downfall of a Spring wedding, is we all know about April showers. Keep guests dry if you get that lucky rainfall on your wedding day by incorporating umbrellas into the décor. Also, Hunter boots come in VERY Spring colors, and they just looks adorable in photos!
  2. Color! Use those pastels, those pinks, yellows, blues. Bring in all the feels with those Spring colors!
  3. And with the Spring, comes baseball season. If you are big fans, don’t be afraid to put your personality and love of the game, into your décor. Themed table names for your favorite team players?
  4. A big trend I’ve seen hype about is succulents! They make really great table décor, and they are in season this time of year.
  5. The warmer weather even makes the birds happy. And those butterflies come to life! There’s so many ways to put that wildlife flare into your day, like a birdcage designed with florals, for your wedding cards to go in.



I LOVE my clients! They are always the sweetest, and these two were one of my favorites, (but I LOVE my clients all equally). That being said, Mallory & Alan were special. This wedding just went incredibly, they were so laid back, and just ready to enjoy themselves.

Living up to the name of a true storybook wedding, they held the ceremony & reception at the adorable Brooklyn Art Library. Arriving to this venue, I was immediately in love. The smell of books, the rustic charm of vintage book shelves, and benches gave me all the feels. They even have a mini book truck parked out front, I mean, can we agree on how adorable that is.

Meeting Mallory & Alan was like seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while, and just getting to re-connect. They felt like friends and I may have shed a tear or two when it had to end.

But enough talking, let the pictures by the lovely AVERY speak for themselves.

And keep scrolling because there was a pretty awesome surprise at the end of the night, that EVERYONE loved! 😉





Ultimate Packing List for the Wedding Weekend

Your wedding weekend is full of lots of small details, and there are many things to remember. As your planner, we are there every step of the way, and we make sure that nothing is forgotten and that you have everything you’d need.

But there are things that you’ll want/need to have on hand or bring with you in your weekend bag. And this post is dedicated to just that! You may think strolling into your day after brunch in your gown and heels sounds like a blast, but I am sure you’ll want out of that gown after wearing it for almost a full day. If we are being honest, probably by the middle of the reception.

We highly suggest starting to pack this bag a week or even a couple weeks ahead. This is the busiest time of your planning, and you don’t want to be left rushing the night before to pack.

So what should you think about bringing in that weekend bag? Here’s a list (some iems we may have in your emergency kit), to keep you on track for any specifics you’ll want to bring.

  1. Marriage License
  2. ID/Wallet/Purse
  3. Passport (if traveling right to honeymoon)
  4. Change of clothes (robe for getting ready and photos before dress)
  5. Cash for after party if needed
  6. Flats, sandals or sneakers to change into
  7. Vows
  8. Cell phone and charger
  9. Jewelery
  10. Tooth brush
  11. Wedding night lingerie
  12. Make up remover
  13. Second day outfit
  14. Deodorant
  15. Comfy socks/PJ’s
  16. Bubble bath for some R&R in the bridal suite
  17. moisturizer
  18. Tampons (hey, ya never know)
  19. Makeup bag (unless you’re lucky enough to be getting that special treatment the next day too)
  20. Perfume
  21. Pain killers or any medicines necessary
  22. House keys (you’d be surprised how easily these are forgotten)
  23. Snacks for wedding morning (if venue isnt providing this)
  24. Wedding dress and hanger
  25. WATER!
  26. Wedding lingerie or accessories with dress
  27. Wedding shoes
  28. Any sentimental items
  29. Anything you’d like photographer (invitation etc)
  30. Sunglasses
  31. Cash payment or tip envelopes
  32. List of vendors contact info and timeline (your planner should have this covered)
  33. Wedding rings!
  34. Wedding party gifts
  35. Basket for flower girl or any bridal party accessories

Packing tips:

Have someone also in charge of these items. If you are getting ready at home, make sure the bag gets put in the wedding vehicle but also gets taken out! If you are traveling the next day, have someone kindly bring your bigger suitcases and items not needed for the wedding day, to your hotel for you. Don’t forget the items you will need back at the end of the night and gifts/cards collected after the festivities. Be sure to assign someone to tpacking those up as well.


I hope this helps get you organized for the big day!

10 Wedding Pros We Love From NY

I love supporting local business. After all, we work together to make YOUR dreams come true. That’s why today, I decided to share the 10 Wedding Pros We Love! These individuals are talented, work hard at what they do, and they do it successfully, making your day flow like the train on your gorgeous wedding gown. So, here they are:

  1. Albelisa from Maple Field Floral
  2. Joey from Jade Entertainment
  3. Ceci from Ceci NY
  4. Katelyn from Elwynn & Cass (we even got to interview her on our podcast)
  5. Meg from Coppola Creative
  6. Lin from Lin Pernille Photo & Video
  7. Claudia from George & Claudia PhotoClaudia from George & Claudia PhotoClaudia from George & Claudia Photo
  8. Lovely Bride NY, gowns & attire
  9. Emily from Lael Cakes
  10. Owls & Lions Band


BONUS: ON THE MOVE EVENTS (Make sure Danielle is in your band, because she’s amazing!)

And there you have it! And there are SO many more to name, but the list would go on forever. I know you will love them as much as we do! Let us know some of your favorites, because we always love adding to our list!


Top 5 Outdoor Venues for Spring Wedding in Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is our stomping grounds. We’ve come to know this area for weddings, very well. But even still, we always seem to find new places, or things to do. And our venue list is ever growing.

Spring is one of my favorite wedding seasons for a lot of reasons, (oh, I rhymed)especially because you can utilize outdoor venues. But the colors, the flowers, it all ties perfectly in a bow.

With Spring having sprung (finally), we wanted to share our Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Venues that we know you will love just as much as we do. So, let’s hop right in, like the Easter Bunny will be doing very soon!

  1. Audrey’s Farmhouse

We are super hype about this one, having a few upcoming weddings here! Audrey’s is a quaint, beautiful b&b, with a gorgeous wedding space, nestled at the crest of the Shawangunk Mountains in Wallkill, NY. Growing up in Wallkill, there was not too much to say about this area, but it certainly has grown to be a very interesting and cute village

2. Elmrock Inn

This space is nestled along the same mountains, in Stone Ridge, NY. Having done my first styled wedding shoot here, it has a special place in my heart. Perfect for a small, family style wedding, this one doesn’t disappoint. With vintage dishes, and a rustic flare, you will feel right at home. They have the yard also available for a bigger tented outdoor wedding, if you wish.

3. Hunter Mountain

If you want to travel on up the Catskills to Hunter, NY, you will be in awe of all that their mountain top wedding space has to offer. Backdrops of the mountain ridge views, anyone? Yeah, same here!

4. Lippincott Manor

Heading back to my home town, there’s another outdoor, tented space with beautiful views of the mountains, once again, because that’s the best part of the Hudson Valley. This one is awesome because they offer a full inclusive wedding package to help you keep organized with their amazing referrals.

5. Cedar Lakes Estate

If you are looking for a true escape, this timeless estate is perfect for you. The sisters are super sweet, and being right by the water, gives it that true getaway feel.

And there, ya have it. I hope these give you some wonderful options for planning and choosing your venue! If you need help finding that perfect venue, we do offer our ala carte service for venue searching! Happy Planning!


xo Coco