How to Honor Loved Ones Who Passed Away At Your Wedding

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and a beautiful time with family. This time of year is tough, being the second one without my mom. But it was her favorite, so I try to embrace all those feelings!!

I was having a conversation the other day about when I finally get married, how sad it will be that my mom won’t be able to experience it. She waited so long for that perfect day to come, and now that she is with the Lord, it breaks my heart to know that she won’t be present, (physicially).

Then I thought about all the ways that I will absolutely honor her on my wedding day. So I felt like this topic would be a good one to touch on. I know I’m not alone in losing someone close to me, who I want to include in my special day. If you are in this same boat, first, big hugs to you and my apologies. If you are trying to think of ways to incorporate that loved one into your day, then keep reading.

I have seen a few of these ideas at weddings I’ve attended, and others I would love to consider incorporating into my own wedding, someday.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have other ideas to include your loved one in your special day!

Tree of Life and Memories
Reserved Seats for Special Loved Ones
Carry them with you on your bouquet
Table full of memories
Light Jars with an added touch



Happy March, (I cannot believe I am saying that)! This month is dedicated to budgeting and DIY-ing your wedding the way YOU want. I have seen some incredible weddings where most of it was done by family and friends of the bride. Though it is more work, it can truly save you money if you are looking to do for the big day. Why DIY? The money you save, you will be able to put towards other things like the food, or maybe band/DJ for your wedding. You can also turn around and sell any décor items you purchased to help another DIY bride out there. 

When you’re planning a wedding and want to stick to a budget, it’s important to plan ahead of time. List everything you can think of, and walk through these items step by step. The earlier you start planning, the better chance of not feeling rushed in the process. Avoid inviting everyone and anyone, you want your closest family and friends with you on your big day, so don’t be afraid to not invite your neighbor who you occasionally have coffee with in the morning! Ask for wedding help vs. wedding gifts. If you know someone that may have a band or dj equipment, don’t be afraid to reach out to them, or maybe your aunt can bake incredible cakes, etc. They may be willing to help you out instead of hiring someone that may want to charge you more then your looking to spend. Instead of tons of flowers that will die a few days after the wedding look into smaller bouquets. You can also choose mock flowers, which are also a beautiful option and allows you to keep them forever, a lasting memory!

Don’t worry about spending tons of money of invitations, lets be honest a lot of people through them out once the day has come and gone. If you are creative, make your own invitations. There’s a ton of kits you can get, or maybe you have a friend who owns one of those neat Criket machines. It can be a fun project for you both to be a part of. Let’s chat about open bar. We all know that gets to be extremely expensive, and if your looking to cuts costs, you can save money by offering just beer, wine and sodas, or you can offer a free cocktail hour followed by a cash bar. Another option to add a special touch, is to do a free signature cocktail during cocktail hour, and then just offer the wine, beer, and soda during reception. When it comes down to your wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses…shop the sale wracks! Be on the lookout for Sample Sales, or visit the mom and pop bridal shops. I love going to those because they normally have one of a kind gowns, and will work with you more than a corporate, chain store will. For the menswear, order in a group, as many tuxedo places offer a group rate to save you some money on the guys too.

Most importantly don’t stress! This is your day and what matters most is you and your fiancé. Have a great and memorable time! Don’t let budgeting take your mind away from what truly matters on this day! Your friends and family will just be happy to be there.



5 Wedding Emergency Kit Items You Didn’t Think Of (BONUS: 5 items for the groom’s emergency kit)

5 Wedding Emergency Kit Items You Didn't Think Of (BONUS_ 5 items for the groom's emergency kit)

As a planner, I always ensure my brides are supplied with a fully stocked wedding day emergency kit! This thing is chock full of items and things that may be needed, should an emergency occur.

Over the years, and after experiences get stacked on, we’ve added items continually, that you probably didn’t think to include in this kit. But better safe than sorry, am I right.

Let’s get to it:

  1. Snacks/Granola Bars: You may or may not have thought of this. But the morning of the wedding can be pretty full of all the things, leaving you no time to cook, and you’ll probably end up forgetting to eat all together. Definitely don’t need you getting light headed walking down the aisle. So, pack a little snack bag to keep with you in the bridal suite.
  2. Fashion tape: Yes, we all have had those fashion emergencies. Best to keep them from happening on the big day, or at least be prepared for them! This stuff comes in super handy with even the oddest of situations.
  3. Mini Lock Box: This idea was the most unique I have seen, but I loved it! Think about those hefty tip envelopes for your vendors. Depending on where your wedding is, and how secure your bridal suite is, this will give you a great place to keep those very valuable items. And it doesn’t take up much space at all.
  4. Extra makeup: You may not think of this if you are getting your makeup done. But we all know the sweat and tears that can come from a long wedding day. Having these extra items will help you freshen up later on, so you remain photo-ready till the very last dance!
  5. Boxes: Keep those boxes you had items packed in, or bring some! You will have lots of décor, presents, and wedding cards to pack up (or have someone else pack up) at the end of the night!

And, as promised, the groom deserves an emergency kit too, right? Don’t forget about him and his fellas!

  1. Extra cuff links
  2. Stain removers
  3. Extra black socks
  4. Shoe shine wipes
  5. Handkerchiefs

And there you have it! I hope this list helps prepare you for what MAY, (but hopefully won’t) happen! Happy wedding planning loves.




With February being a month focused on ORGANIZATION, I felt inspired to write this post which sort of stems around that organization for your business.

Remember when you first started your business? It feels like forever, I’m sure. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you just started, and are getting your footing in this new environment, like a toddler taking his first steps. There is so much planning involved, crafting your mission, your vision, designing your brand, setting up social accounts, and that’s just the beginning. But once you finish those things, time passes, do you ever really think about those things again? I feel like as we begin to work IN our business, we don’t ever reflect back ON those beginning business tasks. Our mission can change, as well as our vision and our brand and voice, and that is totally fine! I am writing this now, to encourage you all to take a look at your own, and reflect on them to make sure they still align with what you do, and your what your goals are. As you know, my word of 2019 is REFOCUS, and I’ve been doing just that.

I noticed a change within myself, and my own vision for my business and goals, and I started reflecting on those items, and suddenly, this beautiful mission statement just flowed from my mouth. I was like “WHOA” I need to update my mission to THIS! It made me wonder how many others really have changed their since they started their businesses! Feel free to tell me if I am just behind in the game.

Let’s walk through this together to give your business a quick facelift:

  1. YOUR MISSION This is really the meat of your business. It’s what makes you YOU. It’s the reason you started this whole journey to begin with. It is all about what you offer, but more importantly, why you offer it, and what your goal is for those you offer it to. Take a look at it. Do some research on pretty buzzwords to include. For example, my new mission statement includes the word DELIGHT. It has become a new favorite of mine. It also sounds really pretty. But more importantly, it aligns with what I want my clients to feel when they work with me. I want to delight them.
  2. YOUR VISION Some people get these confused, of think of them as being one in the same, but there is a difference. Your vision for your business aligns a lot with your goals. It’s about where you see your business in it’s most successful state. Your vision is what you see when you look into the future of your business. It’s the bigger picture, and the overall goal.
  3. YOUR BRAND After listening to a AWESOME episode of Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, GOAL DIGGER, if you aren’t already subscribed, STOP and go do it NOW. Thank me later. But in this episode (I believe it’s episode 59), she spoke a lot about how you should focus on having a BRAND rather than a BUSINESS. It got me thinking a lot, and I started focusing more on my brand and what I represent as a brand. Think about 3 words you want clients to feel when they come to your website or work with you. Evaluate all platforms to ensure those are being visually represented. Have an outsider visit your website and see what they think. What words would they use to describe it? If you are really not sure, my friend Katie has an awesome brand quiz to give you an idea of what type of brand you are!

I know I have given you a lot to think about here. But it’s important that we show up, and put the effort into these things! I have some epic episodes coming soon to my podcast as well, I’d love to be pals, GET ON THE LIST HERE!

See ya there!







episode#3 artwork

And just like that we are jumping into episode 3, and I am super excited about this one as I get to chat with my biz bestie, and touch on some really powerful topics!

Meet Katelyn, founder of beauty planning brand, Elwynn & Cass  who, besides being a bad ass business owner, brings you “Personalized and Curated Hair And Makeup For Your Event or Wedding Without Stress or Guesswork And Feeling Like The Ultimate Version Of Yourself”.

In this episode, we got to chat all about starting a business, dealing with difficult clients, handling days when we want to throw in the towel on our businesses, and our shared love of FOOD AND BRUNCH! Don’t forget to leave a review of what you think!



Don’t forget to subscribe and get on THE LIST to be notified about upcoming episodes so you don’t miss a thing! As always, thank you for the support!



What Does Our Business Mission Mean?

Yall are going to get real tired of hearing me say this word, but it IS my word of the year, so as you know I’ve been really REFOCUSING myself in my business and life. This

I have recently been working on re-evaluating myself, business, mission, why. I have been fine tuning the EBC mission, to be more meaningful, allowing it to speak to our current and future clients. What is a mission? A mission/purpose is the reason for something to be in existence, or why something is created. One’s intention or objective.

When you start a business, and grow through the years, your mission, and purpose can change. You learn and understand your business more and more. I have found this to be true, which has led us to dig into the EBC mission.

Our mission is to delight, and inspire brides, and to assist in the process of designing, and planning the wedding of their dreams.

What does this mean, really? We desire to delight our clients. We want to charm them with inspiration, and provide a sense of joy and happiness throughout the entire process of planning their special day. We desire to assist in all aspects of the design and logistic details of planning an event. But let’s unpack that deeper. While going through the reasons I decided to do this, I realized that my love for story telling and being inspired by their stories, and being a sucker for a good love story, made want to help couples tell their story. I wanted to create a memory, not just a wedding day, starting with the moment they say I do. That is our mission. By executing this mission successfully, you should be delighted, inspired, happy, and truly satisfied with YOUR special day. Our belief is that a wedding starts with a “YES” and lasts the rest of your life.

Mission Complete. So, I’d like to know what is YOUR mission. As a creative business owner, as a bride, as a person planning any event. What is your MISSION? Share it with me. Happy FriYAY babes.







Photo courtesy of The White Box

So, you guys know I am always on the lookout for products that will help make your planning process more fun, and as easy as possible.

 Well, I have a new favorite resource that I need to share with you all. Meet, The White Box. Michelle and Carrie, the founders, are in love with all things design, and have become your personal wedding planning fairy godmothers. 

They have created the perfect planning assistant that is sent to you in a pretty little white box, wrapped in a bow. I came across their company through Instagram, and I immediately fell in love with the whole concept. I knew I had to work with these lovely ladies, and introduce them to all of you. 

Photo courtesy of The White Box

Where does the inspiration come from?

As industry experts, they know what is involved in planning your most important day, and they know it isn’t an easy fete. But it can be, with the right tools and assistance! They have taken their interior design skills and experience, and have combined it with customized design packages, bringing to you THE WHITE BOX

What can you expect from your box?

“The box arrives within 3 weeks including an inspiration board, design samples (invitations samples, linen swatches + bridesmaid dress fabrics), menu plans, tactical checklists, a signature drink recipe, and more!”

Their goal to create a planning toolkit perfectly suited to your clear wedding design style, and vision, will excited and ready to plan you dream day!

I’m so excited to be working aside these lovely  ladies, as they are so thrilled to work alongside and contract out to planners like me, to streamline the process to planning your wedding!

Go check them out, or shoot me a message for more details!! 

Xo Coco

BEAUTINI BY B LO: “A girl squad’s best friend.”

Photo credit: @CorbinChase

Happy FRIYAY BABES! I wanted to kick off this beautiful weekend, with a special feature post! I love meeting new people. In this industry, there’s so many opportunities to do so. It’s one of my favorite things about this community.

I’ve been especially fortunate enough in the past few years to meet some pretty amazing people. Among these, would be my new found friend, and this beautiful boss babe, Brittany Lo. 

Photo Credit: @CorbinChase

If you adore beauty, relish being pampered, and have been searching for an excuse to have a girl’s day, or if you have a wedding or special event coming up, then read on! If you haven’t heard of Beautini, then you are seriously missing out. Brittany has gone above and beyond to provide a flawless process of making you and your “girl squad” look your very best, while treating you like she and her team are part of your squad! Best part: they come to you, providing hair and makeup services to a group, or just you, while using only the finest products. AND they supply the bubbly! Where do I sign up?!

I have to admit, the older I’ve gotten, the more concerned I’ve become about my own skin care regimen, and two tips I’ve learned make all the difference in your skin are:

1. What you eat, and 2. HYDRATION! 

Here’s a bit about B Lo and where Beautini started… 

“Prior to starting Beautini, Brittany had a career in marketing working for brands including L’OREAL USA, Redken 5th Ave, and Sony Music Entertainment. With her B.S. degree from Babson College, Brittany fused her business and beauty expertise to develop the unique concept of making makeovers fun. 

When Brittany is not with her Beautini stylists, she can be found teaching brand marketing workshops, speaking at different universities, and at Sephora discovering the latest beauty products.”

A few of her fabulous achievements include awards such as The Knot Best of Weddings Vendor, Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award, and the 2016 Weddi Award for “Most Effective Branding”.

Photo Credit: @CorbinChase


Though she is home based in my favorite city, Manhattan, she makes it so easy by traveling to you! Honestly, it doesn’t get much better!

Go check out her site for more information on her services, and book that special girls day for you and your lovely girl squad! Be sure to tell her EBC sent you! 😉 Have a happy weekend. See ya Monday!

3 Steps to Begin Your Wedding Planning Process


Happy New Year and Congrats to all of you who got a special sparkly gift for Christmas!! Happy engagement!

I’m so excited for you, and the journey towards planning your perfect day is going to be so much fun! You’re probably thinking, “This chick is crazy, my head is spinning.” That may be true, (LOL), but before you get overwhelmed, take a breath, and read this post. I got you girl!

I will go through my entire “First Steps Planning Process” for you, and will help you get on track from the very beginning. It really doesn’t have to be all that complicated, if you don’t want it to be. And why would you want it to be? Whether you choose to hire a wedding planner or not, you can set yourself up to have a flawless, stress-free wedding planning process that will leave you being able to enjoy your day to the fullest! Grab some coffee, and a notebook, and let’s begin!

First things first, in order to be organized from the beginning, you need to start by setting a foundation to determine a few things, such as what style wedding you’d like to have, what season you’d like the wedding to take place, and what your budget is going to look like for your wedding. I understand these three things may still seem very vague and confusing, so I am going to break it down even more for you.

  1. Determine your wedding style. These days there are so many aspects of style, outside of tradition, that allow you to have a gorgeous wedding at a gorgeous location, without breaking the bank. It’s a matter of knowing what you want and having the right people to help you find that, (which is where I come in)! I want you to sit down and take some paper, maybe some cut outs from a magazine, and dream up your perfect wedding day. Get detailed!  Think about colors, textures, setting, season, decorations, flowers, and anything else that sticks out in your mind.
  2. Set a wedding date. An important factor in terms of style that should be determined pretty early on, is your wedding date. This is important because if you have a very specific venue picked out, you should keep in mind that wedding venues book up really quickly.  
  3. Figure out your wedding budget. Then I want you to kind of review it all, and determine a number to set as your budget. This is SUPER important because if you’re dreaming of getting married at the Plaza in NYC, but your budget isn’t quite able to accommodate that, then you will need to see that on paper and find ways to do a lower cost venue that can be transformed into something like the Plaza! It’s possible!

And there ya go, you now have a foundation that will set up the entire planning process, and make things highly less stressful. So how’d he propose ?! I really want to hear all about your holiday proposals! I hope this helped give you a starting point. And if you are ready to get started with being an EBC bride, let’s chat!!




Let’s face it. We’ve all done it. Setting goals, we know we have no intention of keeping. “NEW YEAR NEW ME” Am I right?

This year, I’ve taken a new approach, and for once, in life & my business, I feel like I am going into the new year, already successful. I have scheduled content for all of January, with a goal to finish February and March this week. I have planned my schedule out for the first 3 months. And I plan to take off the last couple weeks of 2018, knowing everything is scheduled through the end of the year as well. The feeling? Incomparable. Knowing I am going into the new year with this goal complete, already makes me feel like I am ahead of the game!

Too often, we start on January 1, doing those things that we know won’t last. Then when they do end of veering off the path, we feel like failures. We beat ourselves up. For what reason? Please don’t do that to yourself this year. I keep throwing around the word REFOCUS. My word of the year for 2019, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I challenge you to strive for those goals BEFORE the new year, get ahead on those goals, so when the new year comes, you are already on top of them!

I am going to do a full plan with me video for 2019, as videos are something I want to incorporate more of in 2019…. I hope you enjoy it and I cant wait to help you all in the new year.

I created this survey to help better understand what YOU need. I’d really love to hear your feedback, if you can spare a sec? It’ll take less than 2mins I promise!


Until next year… LOVE ALWAYS COCO & KIMMIE