I know, it’s been one HOT minute since I’ve popped on here to share some things. Let’s be honest, the bloggy has fallen a bit off track and I’ve been also spending quite a chunk of my time focused on my theme for the rest of 2018. That theme being, REFOCUS

You know when you have your GPS open, or iPhone maps, and you are setting a destination. When you scroll away from that destination, and it takes you off track of that path, there’s an arrow you can tab that “re-centers” you back on track. That’s what I’ve been trying to do for my business, and life in general, for the last few weeks, and it is my focus for 2019. Taking inventory, in a sense. Trying to regain focus, of where I’m going, what I want, what I don’t want, and what my purpose for my business is overall, and the goals that I have for it.

You may be saying, “Dang girl, that sounds like a complicated task.” It is, hence my falling off track with this blog, and spending lots of time face down in my notebook, and worksheets.

But I’m back and here to tell you, I am SUPER excited for 2019, more than any other year past. WHY? Well, I’m really close to this whole “REFOCUS” process being completed. Feeling comfortable again, and feeling closer than ever to what I am doing, and why I am doing it. Which means, REALLY stinkin’ exciting things to come for YOU! If you’re a fellow creative, you know the feeling of getting sidetracked in your business. We tend to get caught up in what others are doing, like shiny object syndrome. We think that we should do those things too, even if they serve no purpose to our true ideal clients.

Now, if you follow me on the ‘Gram, or you are in my email girl gang, then you already know about a few of the things to come. But if you don’t know, now ya know…. Oh wait, sorry. Insert awkward song reference. 

So moving on from the life update to the announcement, that brings me to CULTIVATE PURPOSE PODCAST! Yes, that’s right, PODCAST! Launching in 2019, I’m bringing you a whole new fun platform where I can serve you with valuable content. Basically you can take me anywhere with you. This is intended for you, fellow girl boss, maybe stuck in a 9-5 thinking that’s all life will ever be, but dying for something more. Or maybe you have started that side hustle, but feel like it’ll never be what you desire it to be. I have SO many amazing interviews, with influencers, brands, and pretty awesome gals to help you gain that clarity, direction, and purpose that you desire deep down in your core.

JANUARY 2019! BE THERE! You can subscribe early by clicking HERE. I can’t wait to share this content with you all.

That being said, I am truly thankful for this community and what has grown into an amazing group of followers. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without all of you, and I cannot say Thank You enough! I wish you all the happiest holiday season!


XO Coco & Kimmie




What does it REALLY cost to be a Bridesmaid?

bridal ladies


So, you have the honor of being in one of your dear friend’s wedding, huh? How exciting and what a special honor it is to be asked!

Now reality is setting in, and talk about dresses, hair, makeup, gifts, shoes, jewelry, oh my! And the wedding is not exactly close to home, so now you’re talking of travel expenses! Don’t forget it is proper etiquette to help throw the bridal shower and bachelorette parties. As you can see, the expenses of this honorable role definitely add up rather quickly. You may feel like saying ‘Thanks, but no thanks.” And that’s alright too. But before you do that, I would love to share ways to cut some of those costs, but it starts with being honest with the bride right up front.


This is definitely a big portion of the cost to being a bridesmaid. Dresses are not generally cheap, depending on where you go. Factoring in alterations, shoes, accessories, you will notice it definitely becomes more costly. A way around this is to suggest to the bride, (in a friendly manner), that maybe the girls can wear different style dresses that still accent the wedding style, and fit the color scheme, while allowing you to pick out a dress that works for your budget. This also helps because not all body styles are the same, and what works for one, may not work for another.

Party, Party

You may be thinking, why do they need so many parties. Isn’t the wedding enough. Consider throwing a combined bridal shower/bach party. This may not work for all situations, but it’s a possible way to keep costs down. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the other girls to go in on the costs for these parties and gifts. I am sure the bride will be thankful for whatever you girls come up with.


Another portion of looking perfect for those wedding photos, while not breaking the bank, is hair and makeup. Don’t be afraid to turn down the bride’s hair and makeup stylist recommendation. Maybe you are really awesome at doing your own, or know someone who is. It’s alright to offer different options, just consider that maybe the bride still wants you there while she is getting ready, to be included in the “getting ready” photos. Those pre-wedding moments are very special to brides, so just be sure to consider her feelings on this.

Don’t forget the wedding gift!

In terms of gifts, some brides set a rule that the bridal party doesn’t need to buy the couple gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on what is expected of you. The bride may assume you already know that she isn’t expecting a gift, while you are assuming she is expecting one. ASK!

I hope these tips help, and if you have other suggestions on ways to cut the costs, comment them below! When it comes down to it, if you just can’t afford it, be up front, and don’t be afraid to tell your bride friend!


Monday Motivation: Are you already feeling drained in the New Year?

Hey there, 

Just popping by to give you a boost! If you’re anything like me, the new year energized you. You felt like you had your goals in place, and were ready to dive in!

Now, three weeks in, you’re feeling down on yourself thinking, “I already messed up.” But before you go throwing in that towel of determination, take a step back. Re-evaluate. And begin again!

Just because you fell off track, doesn’t mean you have to give up! Sometimes I find that all I need is a day to look at my goals again and then restart!

Life gets heavy at times, it can certainly make us feel like we cannot achieve what we want to, but if there’s anything I’ve learned even in the last month, it’s DETERMINATION makes the dream work. If I gave up everytime I had a negative thought, I would be 300 pounds and unemployed, living on someone’s couch. Eek. What an awful sight. 

Moral of the story: KEEP GOING! You got this!
Xoxo CoCo

Saturday Catch-Up w/ CoCo

Sat Catch up 012018

Hi, hello there! Happy Saturday Friends.

Welcome to a new series I’d like to call “Saturday Catch-Up w/ CoCo“, with your host, me, CoCo. As I sit here planning out the year ahead, I am filled with so many thoughts of things I’d like to accomplish. Let’s talk about my word for 2018. My word of the year is INTENTION, (to aim or plan), for a reason. I want this to be the year I implement all the things I’ve been learning and working on. I want this to be there year that I am not afraid to go for it. No holding back. As an introvert, it’s my natural reaction to say ‘yes’ in the moment and then kick myself in the butt later for doing so, and start planning a way to get out of what I just said yes to. But this year, I want to work on not being afraid to say no, but if I say ‘yes’, I want to really focus on being all in.

Do you ever find yourself having so many ideas, so many things you want to do? You feel so motivated and driven, it’s exciting! Then, when you sit down at your computer or with a notebook to attempt creating a plan to put those ideas into action, your brain goes blank. You can’t focus or seem to get them out of your brain, and onto paper. It’s how I have felt for a year. But this year, all the amazing things in my head, are coming out!

I want to have a purpose and goal for this blog. The content I’m planning and scheduling with be meaningful and helpful to you, as a bride, as a fellow creative or wedding pro, or as someone who just loves weddings! But I need your help for that to happen! I need you to tell me WHAT motivates you, inspires you, what you want to read about. Do you love content on Instagram with a great caption post? Do you want more video content? Do you love behind the scenes of my day, or seeing me in action at a real wedding? TELL ME! I’d really love to know. This is the year of EBC and making it everything you want, and need it to be.

So, that’s what we are up to today! Until next Saturday….

XO coco

2017 Recap of all the fun we had!

2017 was a great year in so many ways!!

It was a busy year for weddings, not only in business, but in my personal life as well! Lots of friends celebrated their love and I was able to be a part of it.

In addition to the beautiful weddings, we also completed our first styled wedding shoot, which was planned by EBC, hosted at the beautiful Elmrock Inn in Stone Ridge, NY. So many wonderful pros helped make this day a success! Shoutouts to the awesome photography of my girl Megan, florals by Cherry Brandy Designs, hair and makeup by the talented team of Annaliese & Co, and of course my model and good friend Dara!

It’s been a fabulous year getting to grow my network and being able to get to know all the amazing people that I have met this year. I wanted to share some highlights as we enter into the last week of 2017, and reflect on just how blessed I feel.

I have nothing but positive feelings for 2018, and all it has in store! I am entering the new year with confidence and the belief that it will be my best year yet!

Galas, Events, and more Galas, OH MY!

In the beginning of the year, I was gifted two tickets to attend a gala hosted by the inspiring company Wish Upon a Wedding. This experience was life-changing, as I had never attended a big city event prior to this, and it was a lovely evening! I made friends, danced, and enjoyed the beautiful space inside the Park Hyatt NYC.

I also attended a fun networking event celebrating Alpine Creative Group’s 30th year Anniversary of mastering the art of fine printing, hosted at the Glass Houses NYC. This venue and the views were breathtaking! I made more industry friends, and truly loved the experience! Here are some shots by the talented Terri Diamond.

noir et blan gala3noir et blanc gala 2noir et blanc galanoir et blanc gala5noir et blanc4alpines 30th

Weddings Galore

This year was definitely a year of weddings. I was a guest to many, and a planner for lots! I enjoyed every minute of it. I want to shout out to all my lovely friends who celebrated their love, and to all the couples I was blessed enough to work with in 2017, THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

I’ll leave you with some snaps of a few of the weddings. I wish you all a very happy, healthy NEW YEAR!

Images below, courtesy of Pioneer Media

Images below, courtesy of Lovelee Photography



How to Honor Loved Ones Who Passed Away At Your Wedding

Happy Wednesday dears! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and a beautiful time with family. This time of year is tough, being the second one without my mom. But it was her favorite, so I try to embrace all those feelings!!

I was having a conversation the other day about when I finally get married, how sad it will be that my mom won’t be able to experience it. She waited so long for that perfect day to come, and now that she is with the Lord, it breaks my heart to know that she won’t be present, (physicially). 

Then I thought about all the ways that I will absolutely honor her on my wedding day. So I felt like this topic would be a good one to touch on. I know I’m not alone in losing someone close to me, who I want to include in my special day. If you are in this same boat, first, big hugs to you and my apologies. If you are trying to think of ways to incorporate that loved one into your day, then keep reading.

I have seen a few of these ideas at weddings I’ve attended, and others I would love to consider incorporating into my own wedding, someday.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have other ideas to include your loved one in your special day!

Tree of Life and Memories
Reserved Seats for Special Loved Ones
Carry them with you on your bouquet
Table full of memories
Light Jars with an added touch



*blogged with the soft tunes of Christmas music, sipping on a large mug of hot cocoa, with extra marshmallows, and topped with whipped cream, because is there really any other way to drink hot cocoa?*

LADIES (and gents, if there’s any reading)! I’m writing a book! Yes, it’s happening. I don’t think I have a full chapter yet, but the important part is that I started.

I figured if I put it out there for the web to see, it’ll help hold me accountable, and keep me on track to complete this.

You may wonder why I decided to do this and what exactly I would have to say that the world would want to hear, right? Well, honestly, writing has always been something I enjoyed. The creativity, the writing process, being able to write whatever I want and being in charge of the direction each line goes. I used to take notebook pages, and fold them over in book style, or staple a bunch together and just write short stories. I wish I had them to this day. Some probably were as corny and boring as they come, but maybe there was a possible best seller in there. Doubt it. But hey, ya never know! This is why English was my favorite. I was an A+ student, and I was probably the only student in class who actually enjoyed writing essays. I’m just good at it. I would wait the last minute to write a big essay for class, and it would still be an A, or maybe a B grade paper. Skills, y’all.

Needless to say, I like to write. So, I’m going to give this book goal a try. I have a story that is my own, one that I want to share with the world, in hopes of helping even just a few people.

I might make this a full series on the blog, to track my progress, hold me accountable, and talk about the book writing process and experience in general. I hope its something you all will enjoy, and like to read about. If not, you can tell me to keep it to myself. And if you’ve written a book of your own, I’d love to hear about your process. I was definitely inspired by a lovely friend of mine, and you can read about her progress right here. She’s pretty amazing!

I havent quite set a goal for this to be completed and it may come in time, so I’ll keep you posted on that as well. I’d love to hear what projects you are currently working on? What are you taking with you into the new year? What have you started recently? If there’s something you’ve been wanting to start, and haven’t done it yet, I encourage you to do so friend. Just start. I’m a perfectionist for sure, and have trouble putting things out there to the world, before I feel like they are “ready”. I’m now learning to just execute. Do. Make it happen. Progress, whether slow or fast, is still progress.

Here’s to getting things started in the last month of 2017. And making them happen in 2018!

As I sign off, I’ve finished scheduling posts and things for the end of the year, and into the new year, and feeling pretty productive and happy with how things are going. I also have a really exciting new adventure starting in the new year, and I cannot wait to share it with you all! But, I wish you all a wonderful HOLIDAY! May your wishes come true, and I will chat with you all in the new year!

xo Coco

Do you have to wear white for your wedding? The answer is simply no.

Do you have to wear white_

You may be the type of bride who loves the tradition of weddings. And that’s perfectly fine!! Nothing quite compares to a bridal beauty in white.

But what if that dress you fall in love with, that makes your heart flutter, and gives you all the goosebumps in the world, isn’t white?

In the latest edition of @TheKnot magazine, (which my lovely gal pal Kylee sent me before they hit the stands) was the story of a girl and the gorgeous dress she wore for her wedding in Italy, and it wasn’t white! But boy, was she just as much a bridal beauty in it, as ever. Go grab a copy of July 31st, to read her story!

The point: do what is best for you, and don’t feel the need to follow tradition if your heart is telling you something different. I love the bold brides, who dare to make their wedding dreams a reality. Did you change tradition for you wedding? I’d love to hear about it!

Signing off, it’s Friday, and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Talk soon.




Happy Sunday all!!

Goodness, it has been a busy weekend: graduation party, visit to the Water Street Market, in New Paltz, NY, and lots of errands and prepping for the week ahead. I love Sundays, even when they are busy. It’s usually a fun busy. There’s nothing like waking up late, going for coffee and brunch at a cute café, and prepping yourself for success for the coming week. It’s like a reset, and refresh to start new.

waterstreet1waterstreet 2

You are probably wanting to hear what the EXCITING news is, am I right?!

Well, here goes…..

I have been putting together some details for a few exciting projects, (in the very beginning stages) and I can’t help but share the details about one in particular that I am extra excited about. I am working on launching my very own monthly subscription box!! YES!!! You will have a couple different subscription options, and it’s not going to break the bank, I promise. What’s this all about? I’m glad you asked. The pretty pink box (would you expect me to choose any other color?) will be bursting with items from amazing brands, like health and wellness, beauty, and hand-lettered creations. The goal is to motivate and inspire all women to live their best lives and be the best version of themselves. I love inspiring others, and there’s just something so beautiful and powerful about women inspiring other women. I, myself, struggled with losing my motivation after my mom passed away, and even at times before that. Having some health situations going on, causing me to feel not like myself, I stopped working out, started eating bad again, and have been increasingly starting to hate the way I look. But over the past week, I have fought to gain my mojo back, and I finally got it! You don’t need to spend hundreds on products to be healthy, it just takes little changes, and lots of inspiration. That is my goal for this box.

I am excited to launch this for you all, and if you want to be the first to know when it launches, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter! I am setting up a beta tester team with some of my lovely gal pals, and if you’d like to get on this list, you better email me ASAP!

Here’s to a new week, and I hope you all have a great one!



Comparison is Evil

Com-pare/estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

What is comparison, and why is it evil? By the definition above, it is the process of noting the similarities or lack of between different things. How does this have anything to do with your business?

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed, looking at all the amazing things your fellow creatives are doing, and start to get that little pit in your stomach thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that? Why can’t my business be like this?” Cue the negative, self-hate comments and thoughts. You may say that you don’t think those negative thoughts and that this doesn’t affect you at all, then more power to ya! That’s great! But even if you don’t notice it, this slowly digs into our confidence, even if you are not noticing it right away.

Why do we do this to ourselves? With social media, and technology being what it is, everyone is out there and in front of our faces with all the amazing things they are doing, so it’s hard not to see. It’s only going to get worse. The world wants visuals, they want to see what you do, before they even think about reaching out to you to inquire about your services or products, and that’s why there are so many beautiful things on our social feeds. They are giving the people what they want!

I’m so terrible with this, I will be honest. That’s why I wanted to write about this because it has been weighing on my heart. I put myself down and bring self doubt into play very often. I see the things others are doing and I start to think, why am I not there yet. What have I done that I am proud of? Crickets.
But I want to remind you, like I have to remind myself, YOU are just as amazing! You will reach your goals, you will create something amazing, as long as you don’t quit working towards it.

Just because others are doing amazing things, doesn’t mean we cant. You cannot measure your beginning with someone else’s middle or ending. The person who may have created that amazing thing, may have struggled for years before it happened. It doesn’t make your business any less awesome! Often times this drains us of our motivation because we are constantly seeing what others are doing, so we lose our own voice, our own creativity. We take away our own ideas and awesome things that we can be doing, or creating.

I’ve struggled for years with so many insecurities. Being miserable with my life, feeling like I’ll never be good enough. Always chasing my purpose, feeling like I’ll never find it. Trying new things and failing and then thinking why did I bother?

STOP. Right now, I want you to stop, and I want myself to stop. I want you to stop spending so much time comparing yourselves, and start doing! Start creating! The more time you spend on your own growth, and creating, the happier you will feel. You have it in you, no go do it!


XO Coco