How Traveling to Paris Changed My Life

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Friday, we meet again! It’s been one heck of a week, and I’ve been having the blues being stuck at work, between watching Norwegian Cruise Line’s beach fun story, and Flutter Mag’s Paris trip story on Instagram, you can understand why I want to bang my head against my desk! That’s why I wanted to travel back to a time when I visited what seemed like the most magical place to me.

Everybody has that one place. The one place in the world that you’ve been to, and you have fallen in love with. A place that gives you feelings of bliss and jubilance that no other place can give. For me, that place is Paris, France. Not everyone knows that I have been there, but I have, and I will never be the same.

It’s a trip I remember as if it happened yesterday. I was 15 years old. My uncle traveled to Paris every year. It was his most desired place in the world, and with good reason. I would soon understand why. Usually he’d take along a friend, as my aunt never had an interest in going, which was surprising to me. But this one specific year he decided to take me. I, of course, said yes, and off we went! We embarked on an adventure that I would never forget.

Let’s begin with my first flight, which turned out to be an adventure in itself. I spent that 8 hours reading all about the city, and watching movies, and thinking about what we’d be doing when we arrive. As the flight came to an end, and first class started exiting, I noticed a familiar face. Continuing on to enter the airport, I noticed a bunch of screaming girls. That familiar face I had noticed earlier was Carson Daly, the once well-known MTV host of TRL. I was 15 guys, don’t judge. I had to have my picture taken with him.

From the airport, we had a short drive to the city. I remember stepping off the bus, turning to see the Arc De Triumph, and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t realize how big it really is.”

arc de triopmh

The hotel on Rue De Bac, was quaint, but impressive to me, a 15 year old who got her own room! One side had a view of the street, overlooking all the little shops. The back view looked right into a modeling studio. I actually got to watch real French models practice walking on a catwalk, in the most beautiful outfits. At the time, being a fashion fanatic, dreaming of being a model myself, this meant everything.

The next few days were full of delicious meals, and lots of sight seeing, explorations at The Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course, The Eiffel Tower. You’d never ever imagine its immense size, until you stand underneath this massive beauty!

Our trip to The Louvre, I remember, was cut short, due to the horrid onset of jet lag that knocked me on my butt. But I at least got to see most of the incredible art, including Mona Lisa, which is actually quiet small, mounted on her own wall. But still beautiful.

The next day would prove to be the biggest “adventure” of all. We were robbed. Yup, pick-pocketed. The thief took my passport, our traveler’s checks, and my uncle’s wallet. This put a bit of a damper on our trip for a couple days, leaving us to eat mostly baguettes and water for the next couple days (small exaggeration, but you get the idea), and included an extra special trip to the Embassy. Of course, I couldn’t go inside with my uncle, because my passport was stolen. So I was left to wait on the street, which to a 15 year old, in a foreign city, was a bit scary. But everything got straightened out, and we got most of the traveler’s checks reimbursed. Yay! The fun could continue.

We visited a very beautiful church that sits atop a hill, overlooking the city, and The Eiffel Tower. There was an art festival nearby, full of artists selling their immaculate work. Some sitting right there, painting their next masterpiece. I was in awe. Pure beauty.

My eyes were opened to so much culture, art, life, and love on this trip. And I’d never forget it. I was in love. Paris had stolen my heart, and I can’t wait to plan my next trip to visit the piece of it that was left there.

Traveling opens your mind and soul to so much. I challenge everyone to explore outside of what you know. It’s amazing the things you will find.

Now, can one of you lovely brides PLEASE let me plan your wedding there?! 😉 And with that, enjoy your weekends!!


How to: Get Fit for Your Wedding


Hey, hi happy FRI-yay beauties.

We’re about to get real for a minute. Have you ever been scrolling through Insta, and looking through wedding mags, and think to yourself, where TF do these gorgeous, model-like brides come from? Like is there a planet that they just drop down to earth from? Really now? 

I mean, way to put even MORE pressure on brides to look their absolute best, amiright? 

Before you go run out and start that gym membership, or go on some crazy crash diet, let me tell you about my dear friend Lauryn, who I had the awesome opportunity to interview a while back, which you can see right HERE. She has gone above and beyond by doing all the hard work for you, creating a badass Bridal Body Plan ! The best part about what Lauryn has created, is her plans are easy, and effective. We are all busy, and it seems that finding an hour to dedicate to ourselves, our health, and our bodies, is nearly impossible sometimes. But these plans literally take about 20 minutes of your time. Best part is, you can join as a member for less than 10 bux a month, which allows you access to all of her plans, including meal plans, recipes, targeted workout guides, and an amazing community of babes to help keep you accountable. And you can cancel at anytime, if needed, but you’ll be so hooked, you won’t want to.

Even better, my lovely ladies (EBC brides) get even extra special treatment. Lauryn and her amazing team have created a very special discount code for all of you who are interested in signing up, and looking your absolute best for your wedding day. AND because I love my brides sooooo much, if you do sign up, you will receive a copy of her book, The Skinny Confidential: Lifestyle Guide from me! You’re welcome babes! Let’s chat about your wedding and how you can become a spoiled EBC bride!

And with that, I wish you all a lovely weekend!! Enjoy, and speak soon!


Photo courtesy of The White Box

GUYS! Spring is here! I couldn’t be more excited that the warm, sunny weather has finally decided to join the party.

So, you guys know I am always on the lookout for products that will help make your planning process more fun, and as easy as possible.

 Well, I have a new favorite resource that I need to share with you all. Meet, The White Box. Michelle and Carrie, the founders, are in love with all things design, and have become your personal wedding planning fairy godmothers. 

They have created the perfect planning assistant that is sent to you in a pretty little white box, wrapped in a bow. I came across their company through Instagram, and I immediately fell in love with the whole concept. I knew I had to work with these lovely ladies, and introduce them to all of you. 

Photo courtesy of The White Box

Where does the inspiration come from?

As industry experts, they know what is involved in planning your most important day, and they know it isn’t an easy fete. But it can be, with the right tools and assistance! They have taken their interior design skills and experience, and have combined it with customized design packages, bringing to you THE WHITE BOX

What can you expect from your box?

“The box arrives within 3 weeks including an inspiration board, design samples (invitations samples, linen swatches + bridesmaid dress fabrics), menu plans, tactical checklists, a signature drink recipe, and more!”

Their goal to create a planning toolkit perfectly suited to your clear wedding design style, and vision, will excited and ready to plan you dream day!

I’m so excited to be working aside these lovely  ladies, as they are so thrilled to work alongside and contract out to planners like me, to streamline the process to planning your wedding!

Go check them out, or shoot me a message for more details!! 

Xo Coco

It’s My Birthday: 30 Lessons in 30 Years


Life is funny.

We spend our younger years rushing the days, wishing we were older. Counting each day till our next birthday. And then it happens. You wake up, and realize there’s a couple weeks left till you turn the big 3-0. It’s happening to me.

I can’t believe almost 30 years have gone by like the blink of an eye. 30 full years of life lessons, loving memories, and many ups and downs. I can honestly say the last 30 years have taught me a lot, and I wouldn’t change a single bit of it. But turning doesn’t mean I have to stop eating cake, and wearing pink, does it?! Please tell me it gets better from here. I figured this would be the best time to post about 30 things I have learned and experienced in my 30 years of life. Oh, and I will be using the term 30 years young from now on. 

  1. Our bodies are very intricate and full of many surprising things. Take care of it early on, and you’ll be so much better off in the long run.
  2. Education is important. You may change your mind 20 times, and that’s alright. But don’t give up, and chase your dreams. You can literally be anything you want! Especially in this generation. 
  3. Patience is a virtue. And it’s a very tough lesson to learn. I feel like God has been trying to forcibly teach me this my entire life. And I still fail at times. But it’s true that good things come to those who wait. And when it’s something you really want, it will be so much better if you’re patient and wait for God’s perfect timing. 
  4. Prayer is important. Don’t be afraid to pray and ask god for anything. He knows your heart’s desires and has true plans for you. His timing is perfect trust me, I’ve seen it. 
  5. Life is guaranteed to throw you the most unexpected curve balls that you will ever imagine. You can’t change it. You can’t avoid it. You just learn to continue forward. And you will be ok!
  6. Death is the worst thing ever. And it will take the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected times. Losing my mom taught me that. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to tell the people who matter to you, that you love them. Don’t take the small moments for granted. The little things will one day be the big things.
  7. Love is wild. It’s a trip. And you may think it’ll never find you. But the moment you stop looking, it’ll sneak up behind you. 
  8. Be open to try things. It’s in those moments that you might find your true passion. 
  9. Forgive people. Don’t hold onto those grudges from your childhood. I’ve finally come to a place in my life where I’ve forgiven those who’ve wronged me. It takes more energy to hate. Let it go.
  10. Don’t regret a single choice. Even the bad ones. They become your life lessons. Learn from them, and then let them go.
  11. Get money smart. Your credit matters. Understand it, and be smart. You’ll be better off when you grow up.
  12. Don’t do anything that you don’t enjoy. If you hate that job, quit. If you don’t like that activity, don’t do it. Life is too short to not be happy.
  13. You can be the change. If you see a problem, fix it. One person really can make a difference. 
  14. Lead, don’t follow. Watch what what others are doing. Be yourself, and focus on what YOU do great! And do it!
  15. Honesty and trust are what matters most. Don’t get caught being a liar, or untrustworthy. It’ll affect you forever. 
  16. Your age is just a number. You’re only as old as you feel. Me, I’ll be 21 forever.
  17. Relationships should make you happy and a better person. If they do the opposite, get rid of them. You’ll be much better off!
  18. Technology is here to stay. Being able to use it will help you get things done!
  19. Connect with people! Don’t be afraid to reach out, making connections can offer great opportunity down the road.
  20. Nothing is impossible. Says Audrey Hepburn, my favorite lady. 
  21. Don’t expect people to be honest and trustworthy. But also, don’t expect people to be deceitful and dishonest. Just trust your gut.
  22. Pay off bad debts. It’s a great feeling when you do.
  23. Invest in yourself. Find your purpose, treat yourself, educate your mind.
  24. Don’t seek approval from others. You’ll never please everyone, so don’t try!
  25. Life is too short to follow someone else’s dream. Don’t do it.
  26. Travel to new places! It’ll open your mind, you’ll learn new things, and it’ll be a great opportunity! There’s so many beautiful places to see. 
  27. Unplug every now and then. You don’t need to be connected every second of the day. 
  28. Don’t chase money. It doesn’t buy you happiness. Nor will it fix all of your problems.
  29. Support others and celebrate their achievements. It’s not always all about you. 
  30. Accept and embrace change. Something good might just come out of it.

That being said, I’m 30 now. Is this real life? I am excited though to see what this new journey and next chapter of my life will bring! 

Xo C

BEAUTINI BY B LO: “A girl squad’s best friend.”

Photo credit: @CorbinChase

Happy FRIYAY BABES! I wanted to kick off this beautiful weekend, with a special feature post! I love meeting new people. In this industry, there’s so many opportunities to do so. It’s one of my favorite things about this business.

I’ve been especially fortunate enough in the past few months to meet some pretty amazing people. Among these, would be my new found friend, and this beautiful boss babe, Brittany Lo. 

Photo Credit: @CorbinChase

If you adore beauty, relish being pampered, and have been searching for an excuse to have a girl’s day, or if you have a wedding or special event coming up, then read on! If you haven’t heard of Beautini, then you are seriously missing out. Brittany has gone above and beyond to provide a flawless process of making you and your “girl squad” look your very best, while treating you like she and her team are part of your squad! Best part: they come to you, providing hair and makeup services to a group, or just you, while using only the finest products. AND they supply the bubbly! Where do I sign up?!

I have to admit, the older I’ve gotten, the more concerned I’ve become about my own skin care regimen, and two tips I’ve learned make all the difference in your skin are:

1. What you eat, and 2. HYDRATION! 

Here’s a bit about B Lo and where Beautini started… 

“Prior to starting Beautini, Brittany had a career in marketing working for brands including L’OREAL USA, Redken 5th Ave, and Sony Music Entertainment. With her B.S. degree from Babson College, Brittany fused her business and beauty expertise to develop the unique concept of making makeovers fun. 

When Brittany is not with her Beautini stylists, she can be found teaching brand marketing workshops, speaking at different universities, and at Sephora discovering the latest beauty products.”

A few of her fabulous achievements include awards such as The Knot 2016 Best of Weddings Vendor, Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award, and the 2016 Weddi Award for “Most Effective Branding”.

Photo Credit: @CorbinChase

Though she is home based in my favorite city, Manhattan, she makes it so easy by traveling to you! Honestly, it doesn’t get much better!

Go check out her site for more information on her services, and book that special girls day for you and your lovely girl squad! Be sure to tell her EBC sent you! 😉 Have a happy weekend. See ya Monday!

CREATIVE LIFE: Stepping out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone blog post

Monday Monday Monday. I have had a couple pretty exciting Monday’s the past 2 weeks, and I really have to share the details with all with you! There’s just something about Monday business parties in NYC that send the usual Monday blues flying away. I mean, does nobody have to work on Tuesdays in NYC? JK…

So, why was I partying it up in NYC on a Monday? Let me start by saying, “Business is risky.” It’s exciting. Especially when it’s your own business we are talking about. In order to succeed, you need to be willing to take risks, seize opportunities, and step out of your comfort zone.

I’ve done that more than usual, the past couple weeks. I was honored enough to have been a part of 2 very exciting events in Manhattan (my fave city in the world, apart from Paris, France of course). The first was the Wish Upon A Wedding Noir et Blanc event at the ever so luxious Park Hyatt Hotel, which you can read about HERE. Last night, I was invited to celebrate Alpine Creative Group’s 30th anniversary celebration, with some of NYC’s TOP wedding planners, at the Glasshouses NYC event space. First of all, can we talk about the view that venue provides? Definitely provided one of the best skyline views I have seen. Now, me being the most introverted introvert that a person could be, the idea of walking into a room full of big name industry pros who have no clue who the blonde girl in the Forever 21 dress is, sends chills down my spine, and makes me want to curl up into a ball in the elevator.

But I didn’t do that. I hopped on the train, (the one that came after the one I was supposed to be on), and SEIZED the opportunity. At both events, I was able to meet some amazing people, whom I quite possibly never would have met if it wasn’t for both events. I made contacts, and strong connections, that in itself can really mean amazing things. I chose to take a risk, rather than run and hide, and it was the best decision ever.

These events opened my eyes to my own business plans, goals, and inspired me for exciting future projects!! The challenge is, whether your young, or old, it’s never too late to take risks, do that thing you want to do, whatever it may be. Start your business, go to that event, even if you have to work early the next day. Just go for it! 

You won’t regret it! 


5 Tips for Planning a Styled Shoot + Week Recap

Hey, hi, hello!

It’s FINALLY the weekend! Well, almost. . .

As excited as I am for it to be the weekend, this week was really a great one! 

Let me start by saying, when an opportunity presents itself, go for it! Don’t hesitate, or second guess yourself, or think that you shouldn’t bother. Just go for it. Why am I saying this? Last week, I was notified by the amazing charity Wish Upon a Wedding, that I had won a contest which included two tickets to their annual Noir Et Blanc Gala at the Park Hyatt Hotel in NYC, this past Monday night. 

I was super excited and wanted to go, but I thought to myself that I would never be able to go. Telling myself, “it’s on a Monday. I have things to do, and I have to work the next day.” I came up with every excuse, and I had it in my head that I wouldn’t be going. Come Monday night, Chris kept saying “You should go! Why aren’t you going? This could be an amazing opportunity, and you will regret not going.” Knowing he was right, (he’s so supportive), I decided I would go, at 5 pm (keep in mind the event started at 7 pm). I took a friend of mine, and we hopped on the train and headed to NYC! That in itself, was an adventure, but we won’t get into that!

I was super excited, and extremely nervous. This isn’t me. Being an introvert, the idea of walking into a party full of people I don’t know, not knowing what to expect, at a high-end hotel in Manhattan, is terrifying, but is also something I’ve only dreamed about for years. Never did I ever think it would become reality.

When we finally arrived, I can tell you it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and this event met every expectation of what I thought that type of party would be like. 

I was in awe. The guests were dressed like they were at the Oscars. The hotel was beautiful, and a girl I met, who was the epitemy of a high-energy New Yorker, began introducing me to all kinds of people, and I was in heaven. 

After getting home well after midnight, I had a city hangover the following day, (though I didn’t have a sip of alcohol). And was left with memories of an experience I’m so happy to have had. And that was only the beginning of my week.

The next exciting part was hosting my FIRST EVER styled wedding shoot!! And it went AMAZING! I’m super excited to share it, and I was lucky enough to have worked with an awesome team, and can’t wait to see the gorgeous photos from the talented Megan, at MV Photography. I will be doing a full post on the entire shoot, but it was held at a lovely B&B, Elmrock Inn, which is quaintly nestled in Stone Ridge NY, up in Ulster County. I wanted to take it back to the natural beauty of the area, including Pantones color of the year, GREENERY, and lots of neutrals! Overall, it was an excellent day and a successful first shoot, and I can’t wait to plan my next one. 

But onto the purpose of this post. I wanted to share 5 tips for hosting your own styled shoots. Everyone says it. These are a great way to get amazing photos to use for marketing and your website and social media, as well as working with, and getting to know local wedding pros and venues in your area. And having hopes of getting published, is always the exciting part!

Tip 1: Get to know your venue. Do a tour. Meet the owners/site manager. Know what will be available for your use that day, and what they require or have limitations on. And be sure to ask the venue what they hope to receive from your shoot. Specific images they hope to see? Etc. 

Tip 2: Have a clear vision. Having your theme as “vintage” isn’t enough. Dig deeper. Tell a story. Pretend it’s a real wedding. Don’t be afraid to get very detailed. This will help with your chances of being published too! Make sure everything you include aligns perfectly with your theme.

Tip 3: Stay in contact with all participating creatives, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Create a timeline, shot list, etc and give a copy to everyone, prior to shoot day. This will help keep everyone on track, and just like a real wedding, help everyone to know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst that can happen is you get told no. Don’t be afraid to ask whoever you want to be involved. And make sure everyone you ask is aligned with your theme and style of your shoot.

Tip 5: VERY IMPORTANT: Prior to the shoot, research every blog/magazine you hope to submit the images to, and understand their guidelines, timeline for submissions, and due dates for submissions for the season you hope to be published in. You do not want to shoot a summer theme, only to submit it AFTER the summer due date. 

{Hint: from my research, I’ve noticed a few of the well known blogs/mags, seem to have their due dates for submittions at the end of March for their summer editions.}

I hope this helps get you started! I’m no expert, that’s for sure. But I’ve learned a lot just from my first one! Feel free to share your tips, lessons, and inspiration boards for your shoots!

Xo C

Sunday Snow Day!

It’s been a day full of movies, being snuggled up on the couch, snowed in in this Sunday. If you’re up here in NY, then you know what I’m taking about. 

But one can only watch so many movies, and episodes of Law and Order before you get too antsy. So I figured I would share a few ideas to keep you occupied while being snowed in with your honey.

Let’s get into it:

1. Break out the Scrabble! When is the last time you’ve played any of your old board games? I, for one, miss the days of Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Scattergories. Snow days are the best time to bring back your childhood with these games.

2. Those who bake together, stay together. Bake something yummy, and then enjoy it together! Snow days are great for pigging out.

3. Work off those cookies. If you’re tired of sitting around, break out the Wii, or turn on that dance music, and jam out in your own living room! It’ll be fun and also a great workout.

4. Bundle up and get outside. If you’re really tired of sitting inside, bundle up the layers, and head outside for your own snowball fight! Afterwards, you’ll probably be ready to come back to that warm couch and snuggle up together. 

And there you have it. I hope I gave you some good ideas to make the most of your snow day! If you have other ideas, comment then below. I’d love to hear how you spend your snow days together.

Until next time,

Xo C

TGIF babes!  It has sure been a long week, so I’m thrilled to see Friday arrive. And you know what that means, right? You guessed it. Round 3 of Meet The Boss Babe! And this one is definitely for the brides.

I’m especially excited this week to feature the editor of my all time favorite wedding magazine, Flutter Magazine, Kim. It’s no secret that I am a magazine hoarder, especially wedding magazines, and I love holding in my hand, a fresh magazine full of pretties.

Flutter Magazine is a beautiful, bright, fresh wedding inspiration magazine. I love it because they are not like usual wedding magazines, full of boring advertisements, and generic stories. The features in Flutter, will literally make your heart do just that. 

So, let’s meet her!

1. You’ve started an amazing brand and magazine with Flutter. How did you start? What made you interested in this field?

I’m a dreamer. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for concepting ideas and creating imagery to bring those ideas to life. I started taking pictures at a young age, lost myself in the darkroom for a while, and eventually went to college for photography in Santa Barbara, California. Little did I know at the time that Santa Barbara was one of the top wedding destinations in the world. If you’ve never been, it’s a truly special place. After a series of serendipitous events, a stint in New York City, and a blog later, I moved into a shared office of wedding creatives (shout out to Studio 110!). It was only a matter of time before we started creating content together to share online and within our community. During this time, print magazines were losing their luster and becoming so cluttered with ads. So much so that you really had to dig to find the editorial content and inspiration. It was so sad = my aha moment! I found an opportunity to take the highly visual idea of the lifestyle blog phenomenon that was evolving right before us and bring it to print in a first-of-its-kind fine art magazine dedicated to wedding and entertaining.

2. What does the name Flutter, mean to you?

Inspiration to make your heart skip a beat… of course. 🙂

What is heart-fluttering inspiration? It’s what nourishes our souls and drives us to create beauty. It motivates our inner wanderlust to seek new adventure, it fuels our fire to experience new things. It’s 100% positive reinforcement for approaching life with happy and fulfilling intention. It’s what makes us tick. And here at Flutter Magazine, we create it! We dive into our wildest dreams, bring the fanciful visions to life, and share them with you in the magazine, online, over social media, through educational workshops, creative retreats, and curated one-of-a-kind products. We live it, we breath it, we embrace it. So, what sets your heart aflutter?

3. What made you decide to do print, rather than online only?

To have a print magazine was always a distant dream. As a child I would collect all the really cool promotional pieces and magazines that would come in the mail. A beautiful print piece (the paper stock, quality, texture, color, etc…) really is inspiring in itself regardless of the content. A tangible piece brings a sensation that one cannot replicate in digital form. You just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I very much understand and appreciate the power of digital content. However, there is also an appreciation for the tangible and I wanted to capture that audience with a piece they would covet.

4. How has life changed since starting Flutter?

I work too much haha…don’t we all?! Really though, it’s given me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many incredible artists and visionaries from all over the world. It’s connected me to people and places and experiences I never dreamed.

5. What accomplishments are your favorite?

I always get excited when our distribution expands to new areas. It means new eyes will be able to stumble upon all this pretty and incorporate it into something meaningful for them.

6. How do you relate to our customers? What’s rewarding to you about serving them?

This is three-fold for me. I’ve created a niche in the industry where my customer is the bride-to-be, the industry vendor, and the purveyor of living pretty (i.e. the hostess with the mostess). While Flutter seeks to target brides, the inclusion of lifestyle content broadens the audience connecting with general women’s interest. More and more we’re finding that readers are keeping and collecting Flutter, displaying it on their coffee table, in their office, styled on the bookshelf, etc. It’s exciting! I like to say that Flutter inspires readers to celebrate life and all its occasions beautifully not just for the wedding, but also for every day thereafter. With that said, it’s rewarding to be able to bring such a timeless and coveted piece of pretty into peoples lives.

Another aspect of Flutter that is super rewarding is that it has become an outlet for creatives all over the world to share their work. Just like the magazine has connected me to so many people, I have in return been able to connect so many people to new opportunities, jobs, and experiences as well. It’s a beautiful community overflowing with heart fluttering vision and I’m proud to be a part of it. That in itself is a huge reward!

7. What are your future plans and ideas for Flutter?

I’m really excited to continue building the brand and lifestyle. To me this means more community interaction that will bring people together to do creative things (like with our upcoming Tour through France!!!). I’m stealing this quote from Paper Source… but in their mission they say that their goal is “To Inspire You to Do Something Creative Every Day.” I love that! If I can continue to inject a little happiness and color and creativity into the lives of others, I’ve succeeded. 

You should definitely go grab a cub of coffee and the latest issue of Flutter! You can thank me later. 

Follow along here:

+ Instagram

+ Website

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of things that make your hearts FLUTTER! 

Xo C

Tuesday Coffee Break 

Hey guys!

I hope you’re day is going great! I am just writing to mention a couple announcements. 

First, can we talk about how it went from being almost 60 degrees in Ny over the weekend, to being an icey Winter wonderland outside this morning!? I mean, I know it’s NY, and this is weather we should be having, but come on Mother Nature! Stop teasing me!

Anyway, I wanted to update you all on the BIG GIVEAWAY POST! It was supposed to go out Monday but I’m waiting on a couple of loose ends, but it will be out by the end of this week, along with round 3, of my Meet the Boss Babe series! So be sure to visit later on this week!

I also plan to start a new series on local Venues. I’m even going to create a book to feature super creative, off the map wedding and event venues! Throughout my travels around the Hudson Valley, I have found so pretty amazing, unrecognized places that I feel need some attention. So I can’t wait to share that with you all. 

Lastly, if any of you would like to be featured, please feel free to email me! I’d love to include you.

Until next time,